About Mrs. Garrett

Ashley Garrett teaches 2nd grade at SEAS.  She has four years of teaching experience and has spent two of those at SEAS.  She has also taught 3rd grade.  Mrs. Garrett graduated from Okarche High School and the University of Central Oklahoma, where she earned a BS degree in Education.  She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  She serves as the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Coordinator, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Sacristan, usher, and member of the Worship Pillar.  Mrs. Garrett and her husband have a little girl, Lucy and two dogs, Molly and Jackson.  She likes being active, baking, and making crafts.  

Wonder What is Appropriate for Kids????

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A Saint Story

Our Saint really isn't a saint, but she is blessed! Her name is Blessed Imelda Lambertini. At a very young age, she wanted to devote her life to Jesus. Her parents were sad, but they let her join the convent at nine years old. She desperately wanted to receive the Eucharist, but was too young. When she was able to receive in the Blessed Sacrament, her pain would go away. She prayed to Jesus asking that she could continue to receive. 

A Great Miracle-- One day, while praying a host was floating above Imelda's head. The chapel filled and the priest came. While receiving, Imelda passed away peacefully. 

She is known today as Blessed Imelda Lambertini of First Communicants! 



Book Logs:  The minimum amount of time required is 15 minutes daily for at least 20 days per month. Begin logging with Oct. 1st. However, more than 15 minutes daily is encouraged.  Please record the number of minutes read each day.  Students are encouraged to take Accelerated Reading (AR) tests on the books read at home. To check a books reading level and if it has an AR test go to the website  www.arbookfind.com.




 Thursday :


Math: BuIlding Numbers up to 1,000




Reading/Vocabulary-The Dog That

Dug for Dinosaurs 


Phonics/Spelling-Words with oo





What We are Learning





Science /Social Studies


Characteristics of Characters


Story Elements 

oo words


Building to 1,000 


Plants and Insects/


Easter and the  Eucharist