About Mrs. Gorman

Linda Gorman teaches 4th grade.  She has 17 years of teaching experience with 16 years at SEAS and 1 year at St. John Nepomuk Catholic School.  Mrs. Gorman graduated from Putnam City High School, and then earned a BS degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English Literature from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She attends St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  She and her husband have two children, Ryan and Lauren and a grandson, Samuel.  Mrs. Gorman's hobbies include reading, sewing, crafting and gardening.

Saint Ann


     I certainly enjoyed reading the Diary Biography Book Reports.  The kids did an excellent job on them.  Our next book report will be due on April 20th.  It is "Free Choice" and must have at least 125 pages. 

     Both 4th Grade classes will be reading the Stations of the Cross for the parish on April 7th.  If you would like your child to read or sing in the choir, please send me an email.  Stations start at 7:00.  The kids will need to be in the choir area by 6:45 dressed in their church clothes.

      We are begining our Lenten journey with a book titled " Come Play and Pray with Jesus".  We will use it each morning.  At the Ash Wednesday Mass,Father asked us to add 5 minutes of prayer and 3 acts of kindness to each day. 

      We are out of school on the 10th and Spring Break is from March 13-17th.  We are out on the 20th for the Spring In-Service.  Enjoy the time off :)