Service Learning Remind Sign-up

Purpose of Service Learning

—The purpose of this class is for you to develop a sense of Christian responsibility and a willingness to serve others with a giving heart.  Develop the habit of praying.  We can often serve others the most by praying for them and for their needs.  


—Learn and understand the Seven Catholic Social Teachings and the Corporal Works of Mercy.  These teachings show us how to build a just society and how to live lives of holiness.  Service Learning will encourage you to practice your Catholic faith through the ministry of service.  You will have the opportunity to serve various areas of the school and Church community.  Service Learning is about helping others without expecting anything in return.

Possible Service Learning Jobs

Possibilities of jobs that you might be asked to do include:

• Bulletin boards
Cutting out items on Ellison
• Cleaning library and computer lab
Tutoring individual students (reading, flash cards, spelling, etc).
Make bags for the homeless
Check iPads that no pictures have been saved
Clean the church
Put holy water in the teachers fonts in classroom
Check Digital Prairie for good sites for younger students