About Mrs. Mears

Ashley Mears is the Learning Resource teacher at St. Elizabeth's.  She joined the faculty in 2009.  After graduating from Edmond North High School, Mrs. Mears earned a BS degree in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and an MS degree in School Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma.  She attends the United Methodist Church.  Ashley and her husband have three "furry" kids - 2 dogs and a cat.  She enjoys OU football, reading, and watching movies.

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I-pad games for K-1st






This is the list of Ipad apps that I have. Some of them I play with the kindergarten class, and some I play with the other students. All would be good for your kindergarten or 1st grade student.




  1. Find the letters by edninja is a "coloring game" that my students have enjoyed in the past.


  2. Hookedphonics by big yellow taxi is a hooked on phonics app that I play with the kindergarten and first grade classes.


  3. Phonics with Letter Lilies is a nice way to work on initial sound fluency. This is an important skill that will help your child learn to read.


  4. Count Bees by Piikea street is a math app that will help your child count.


  5. Interactive Alphabet by Piikea street is an alphabet app we play a lot at the beginning of the year. The students really liked this app because they can trace the letters and sing the alphabet song, while the letters are flashed on screen.


  6. abc pocket phonics is a game 1st grade plays. It allows them to hear and see the particular blends or patterns we are working on for their spelling words that week.


  7. First Grade Learning Games. I love this app because it has both math and language. For math it has patterns, ordering, advanced counting, and adding and subtracting. For language it has word bingo, and spelling.


    8. Sight Words Learn to read with Wordaliens by 22 learn (I would just type in sight words games and the one with gears on the front should be this one). This app has words for pre-k though 3rd grade. This one is a really good way for your child to learn their sight words.