About Mrs. Golshani

Gina Golshani currently teaches 6th grade Catholic Doctrine, 7th grade Geography and 8th grade US History.  Prior to this, she taught 5th grade.  She has several years of teaching experience, joining the St. Elizabeth's faculty in 2001.  She has also taught Middle Social Studies at St. Eugene Catholic School in Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Golshani graduated from Moore High School.  She went on to the University of Central Oklahoma where she earned a BS degree in Elementary Education and a MS degree in Guidance and Counseling. She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. She and her husband have a son, Cameron and a daughter, Jasmine.  Mrs. Golshani enjoys exercising, reading, and walking.


In Religion, 6th grade students have been learning about how people of the Old Testament trusted in God's will in difficult situations and how we can apply that to our own lives as well.

Students, in seventh grade Geography, have been studying about our neighbors to the south, Mexico, and will soon be learning about the Caribbean and Central America

In eight grade U.S. History, students have studied about the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution, which led to changes being made to labor laws. They are currently learning about the life of early immigrants and will soon be going on a virtual tour of what it would have been like to arrive at Ellis Island as an immigrant. They will also be creating a scrapbook page for one of these early immigrants.


2016 St. Kolbe House Video