Middle School Science News

December 2017

The Advent Season is here!!!

Each student is a member of my google classroom, has access at home using their .seasok.org email and can log into pearsonrealize.com for their textbook resources.  If your student can not demonstrate any of this for you, please let me know.

Eighth grade students are learning how atoms combine to form compounds.  We will finish through Chapter 4 before Christmas Break.  The final study guide material comes from pages 30, 62, 114 and 152.  The science final is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20th in the morning block.

Units included in this month are:

Unit Goal: SWBAT analyze, with scaffolding, the structure of atoms and the organization of the periodic table.


Unit Goal: SWBAT describe elemental interactions within chemical reactions.

Seventh grade students have finished studying the makeup of the cell and are moving into the life processes that cells are responsible for:  photosynthesis, cellular respiration, fermentation, mitosis and meiosis.

Units covered this month include: 

Unit Goal: SWBAT apply knowledge of cell structure to demonstrate cellular processes to include mitosis and meiosis.


Unit Goal: SWBAT explain life processes, (e.g., photosynthesis, reproduction (mitosis), etc.) in organisms.

Sixth grade students finish Volcanoes this week.  We will begin our Weathering, Erosion and Deposition unit with a brief review lab regarding the rock cycle.

Unit covered this month is:

Unit Goal: SWBAT analyze with scaffolding, how weathering, erosion and deposition continue to cause the formation of various land forms.

Wishing you all the best this beautiful season.

Jina Sloan

St. John Neumann 2016