Middle School Science News

October 2017

Catholic Social Teaching:  Call to Family, Community and Participation

Each week your student will have a house point opportunity by memorizing a verse that supports our Catholic Social Teaching of the month.

This month, the Samaritan House is in need of canned soup, if you are at the grocer and see some soup on sale, send them with your student for up to 10 house points.  Also, keep sending those box tops, Uptown Grocery receipts, etc.  All of these opportunities let your student be involved in our school and Parish community as well as earn house points.


Eighth Grade Units this month will include:

1.  Making predictions about matter

2.  Atomic structure and the Periodic Table

3.  Chemical and physical changes


Seventh Grade Units this month will include:

1.  Ecology:  role of biodiversity in an ecosystem

2.  Ecology:  interactions of life and the environment

3.  Cell structure and functions


Sixth Grade Units this month will include:

1.  Composition of the Earth

2.  Earth:  past and present

3.  Earth's forces ... volcanoes and earthquakes


In each grade, we are finishing up the first unit concept so all will have tests early in the month.  The 2nd unit concept will be nearing completion at the end of the month, and the 3rd unit concept will probably be in the introductory phase.


Thanks for sending us your children.

Jina Sloan

St. John Neumann 2016