About Mrs. Sloan

Jina Sloan teaches middle school science. She joined the faculty of St. Elizabeth's in 2015.  She is a graduate of Kingston High School.  Mrs. Sloan earned a BS degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with certification in Secondary Science.  She has 10 years of teaching experience in both private and public schools, most recently teaching middle school science at Summit Middle School in Edmond.  While at Summit, Mrs. Sloan was the Team Leader for her department, was voted Teacher of the Year, and was a finalist for Edmond Public Schools Teacher of the Year.  She and her husband have two children, Alex and Alyvea.  She is a nature enthusiast and enjoys reading and crafting.

Middle School Science News

May 2017

Happy May!!!

Science fair project boards and reports are due for all Middle School students on Thursday, May 4, 2017...just in case you've missed one of my many emails.  I am very excited to see what your students have achieved.

Seventh and Eighth grade families, if your student threw away their science books (even though I reminded them they would be needed for finals), your student can still access the online version by visiting pearsonrealize.com .

Eighth graders will finish the year with simple machines.  We are actually working with the elementary students grades 1-3 this first week of May using simple machines to demonstrate how we can make work seem easier.  Our final is comprehensive over everything studied during the 2nd semester.  This includes:  from the Sound and Light book, Chapter 1 Characteristics of Waves with page 24 as a summary/study guide, Chapter 2-Sound with page 58 as a summary/study guide, Chapter 3 Electromagnetic Waves with page 88 as a summary/study guide, from Forces and Energy book, Chapter 1-Motion with page 22 as the summary/study guide, Chapter 2-Forces with page 60 as the summary/study guide and last Chapter 3-Work and Machines with page 98 as the summary/study guide (limited questions from this chapter).

Seventh graders will finish the year with Human Body Systems.  We will dissect a frog and a rat.  This will give us a view point to compare how systems are similar across reptiles and mammals.  We will also have a comprehensive final that includes material from our Cells and Heredity book, Chapter 3, Genetics:  The Science of Heredity, with page 98 as the summary/study guide, Chapter 4, DNA: The Code of Life, with page 124 as the summary/study guide, Chapter 6, Change Over Time, with page 184 as the summary/study guide, from The Diversity of Life book, Chapter 3:  Plants, with page 128 as the summary/study guide and from The Human Body Systems, Chapter 1, The Human Body with page 28 as the summary/study guide.

Sixth graders are currently working in Weather and we will finish our year in our Space Science unit.  We do not have a comprehensive final but will continue chapter tests.

I hope your students has gained curiosity about the world and how things work; and, a lot of new knowledge this year in science class.

Thanks for sharing them with me.

Jina Sloan

St. John Neumann 2016