About Mrs. Makanani

Lori Makanani teaches 6th grade Math, 7th grade Pre-Algebra and 8th grade Catholic Doctrine.  She joined the faculty at St. Elizabeth's in 1999.   Mrs. Makanani spent her childhood years in Hawaii, Japan, and France. After moving to Oklahoma, she graduated from Lawton Senior High School.  She went to the University of Oklahoma where she received a BS degree in Education with a minor in Mathematics.  Mrs. Makanani taught for 20+ years in Texas before coming to SEAS.  She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church where she is involved in the Peru ministry and serves as a Eucharistic Minister.  Mrs. Makanani and  her husband have two grown daughters, Michelle and Kristine.  They enjoy spending time with their two grandsons and twin granddaughters.

April's Math

Sixth Graders are completing their unit on per cents and will focus on Geometry.  They will start with lines and planes, continue with identifying and classifying angles, triangles and polygons.  They will complete the unit identifying congruent figures, parts of a circle and circle graphs.  They will extend the study of area of two dimensional figures and surface area and volume for three dimensional figures.

Seventh Graders will identify relations and functions, solve linear equations, systems of linear equations and inequalities and solve a problem by graphing. Next, they will use properties of figures to solve problems, classify geometric figures, and construct figures. They will move on to find the areas, surface areas, and volumes of some basic geometric figures.

Eighth Graders will simplify polynomials by adding, subtracting or multiplying.  They will also factor polynomial expressions.  They will also solve quadratic equations using a variety of methods.

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