About Mrs. Makanani

Lori Makanani teaches math to 6th grade, Pre-Algebra to 7th grade and Algebra I to 8th grade. She has been teaching at SEAS for 15 years, previously teaching religion and science.  Mrs. Makanani spent her childhood years in Hawaii, Japan and France.  After moving to Oklahoma, she graduated from Lawton Senior High School.  She went on to the University of Oklahoma where she received a BS degree in Education with a minor in Mathematics.  Mrs. Makanani taught for 20+ years in Texas before coming to SEAS.  She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church where she is involved in the Peru ministry and serves as a Eucharistic Minister.  Mrs. Makanani and  her husband have two grown daughters, Michelle and Kristine.  They enjoy spending time with their two grandsons and twin granddaughters.

St. Thomas

March Math

Sixth grade students will review and extend the solving of percent problems to percent of change and real-world applications such as commissions.  They will build on their knowledge of  plane geometry concepts.  They will learn about the properties of lines and angles, then classify angles according to their degree measures.  They also work with closed figures such as triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons including congruent figures. They will investgate circles and circle graphs and focus on construction.

Seventh grade students will use mathematical properties to solve two-step equations, multi-step equations, and two-step inequalities. The multi-step equations include fractions and decimals, and equations with variables on both side of the  equal sign. They will solve simple interest and compound interest problems.  They will learn to change the form of a formula so that the variable whose value you are seeking is alone on th eleft side of the equation.

Students will begin solving systems of linear equations by graphing, substitution or elimination. They will expand their understanding and skills related to exponential expressions.  They're getting ready to study quadratic polynomials and other higher-order polynomials. They  will learn how to factor polynomials.

Enjoy your Spring Break!!