About Mrs. Sloan

Jina Sloan teaches middle school science. She is a graduate of Kingston High School.  Mrs. Sloan earned a BS degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with certification in Secondary Science.  She has 10 years of teaching experience in both private and public schools, most recently teaching middle school science at Summit Middle School in Edmond.  While at Summit, Mrs. Sloan was the Team Leader for her department, was voted Teacher of the Year, and was a finalist for Edmond Public Schools Teacher of the Year.  She and her husband have two children, Alex and Alyvea.  She is a nature enthusiast and enjoys reading and crafting.

Middle School Science News

April 2017

This Month's Catholic Social Teaching is Care for God's Creation.   God entrusted us to be caretakers of the created world and to preserve it for future generations.

Your student should be well into progress on their science fair project.  They are reminded almost every day at school that the final deadline is Thursday, May 4, 2017.  I will provide a rubric for the written document and the presentation board after the Easter Break.

Physical science class is working in Forces and Motion.  We are finishing speed, velocity and acceleration before Easter and will immediately move into momentum and Newton's laws of motion right when we return.

Earth science class is currently studying the atmosphere and how the layers are different from each other.  We want to understand how the Sun affects the Earth, our weather, our atmosphere and climate.  We will test over chapter 3 the week after Easter Break.  We will quickly move into our Weather chapter after the chapter 3 test.

Life science class is learning (in great detail) about plants.  This includes physical structures such as parts of the plant, the flower, the seed, the roots and processes like photosynthesis, cellular respiration and reproduction.  It is a very long chapter and a test will not happen until the last week of April.

We have started to countdown to Summer and after Easter, the time will fly by!


Jina Sloan

St. John Neumann 2016