About Mrs. Golshani

Gina Golshani currently teaches Middle School Social Studies at SEAS.  Prior to this, she taught 5th grade.  She has 24 years of teaching experience, with 15 years at SEAS.  She has also taught Middle Social Studies at St. Eugene Catholic School in Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Golshani graduated from Moore High School.  She went on to the University of Central Oklahoma where she earned a BS degree in Elementary Education and a MS degree in Guidance and Counseling. She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. She and her husband have a son, Cameron and a daughter, Jasmine.  Mrs. Golshani enjoys exercising, reading, and walking.

APRIL 2017

Students in seventh grade Geography are studying about China and it's neighboring countries.  One of the countries that they will learn about is Tibet and will soon be making examples of Tibetan prayer flags.

In eight grade U.S. History, students have been learning about World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust. A lot of thought provoking questions were raised when we covered the topic of the Japanese internment camps in the United States.

The eighth graders also recently participated in the regional National History Day competition at Oklahoma Christian University.  This year's theme was Taking a Stand in History, and there were over 300 participants! Congratulations to Casey Gormley for taking first place in the individual performance category.  Casey's performance focused on Claudette Colvin.  Congratulations also goes to Emma Singletary and Lexi Cunningham, who came in third place, for their group performance over Sarah Emma Edmonds.  They will now go on to participate in the state National History Day competition on May 3rd.  All of the eighth graders should be commended.  I received many verbal compliments on the way they presented themselves to the judges!

In World History, sixth graders have been learning about Europe in the Middle Ages, and how invasions created disorder in Europe.  They also recently created their own personal coat of arms.

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