About Mrs. Golshani

Gina Golshani currently teaches Middle School Social Studies at SEAS.  Prior to this, she taught 5th grade.  She has 24 years of teaching experience, with 15 years at SEAS.  She has also taught Middle Social Studies at St. Eugene Catholic School in Oklahoma City.  Mrs. Golshani graduated from Moore High School.  She went on to the University of Central Oklahoma where she earned a BS degree in Elementary Education and a MS degree in Guidance and Counseling. She is a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. She and her husband have a son, Cameron and a daughter, Jasmine.  Mrs. Golshani enjoys exercising, reading and walking.

MARCH 2017

Sixth grade students, in World History, have been learning about the ancient Roman Empire and the origins of Christianity in Roman times.

Students in seventh grade Geography have been studying about various regions in Europe. They have also been learning about the European Union (EU) and the help it has provided to the recent influx of refugees to its members, as well as, the challenges it has faced.

In eight grade U.S. History, students learned about the Great Depression. They've learned about what caused it and what programs were implemented to help the people.  They've analyzed photos from this era and compared forms of entertainment from then to the current time.

They have also finished their history fair projects and will be putting on the final touches before the National History Day contest on March 30th.  It is very exciting to see what everyone has done! 

The middle school students had the privilege of participating in an interactive seminar at the Chesapeake with Hill Harper, of CSI, New York and Homeland,  and learned the importance about making smart financial choices and what a key role education can play in this.  They also thoroughly enjoyed being able to dance on the court with the Storm Chasers! :-)

Have a fabulous Spring Break!

Gina Golshani

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