About Mrs. Bobier

Jill Bobier teaches 1st grade at St. Elizabeth's.  Mrs. Bobier is a graduate of Haworth High School.  She earned a BS degree in Elementary Education from the University of Oklahoma.  She joined St. Elizabeth's in 2015 with several years of teaching experience, most recently with the Putnam City School District.  Mrs. Bobier and her husband have one daughter, Madison.  Mrs. Bobier and her husband are members of St. Eugene Catholic Church . She is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and was voted Best New Teacher in 2005.  When she's not teaching, Mrs. Bobier enjoys shopping, reading, swimming, and spending time with her family.

Candy Canes with our Chums

Solar S'mores

Our class has been learning about the Sun.  We made solar s'mores and used the sun to melt the marshmallow and chocolate. They were so yummy!

Watch Dogs

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement


We welcome and appreciate all parent involvement.  Participation in your child’s education will show your child that you value their work and help to ensure their academic success.  Some ways you can be involved are:

  • Attend school functions (Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Special Events, etc.)
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom or for school events
  • Join PTO
  • Work with your child on their homework
  • Read with your child every night
  • Maintain open communication with your child’s teacher



You are the #1 teacher in your child’s life and modeling the value of education is an important step in your child’s academic growth.

Homework Policy


Homework Policy


  • First graders will be responsible for homework assignments every week.  Homework will go home on Monday and all completed work is to be returned the following Friday morning.
  • Each night’s homework will consist of 10 minutes of reading and 10-15 minutes of other subject area work such as math, writing or spelling.
  • All first graders will be held accountable for weekly homework through self documentation and a parent’s signature.  Students will keep track of what they read each day through the use of a reading log.  Parents will sign acknowledging that their child read for the required minutes.
  • It is our goal to prepare children to be responsible adults.  Therefore, children must be responsible for turning in their completed homework every Friday morning.  Students that turn their homework in complete and on time will be rewarded by participating in “Free Choice Friday” for the last 30 minutes of the day.  Students who do not turn in their homework, or turn in incomplete homework, will finish their homework during “Free Choice Friday” time.
  • Incomplete class work may be sent home for homework at the discretion of the teacher.