Our Commitment:             
Sacristans prepare the church for Mass, baptisms and funerals. A sacristan sets up and cleans up after a Mass or other liturgical  service.

Time & Training Required:
A new sacristan will need to train at the Mass they will plan on ministering at so they are comfortable with the specifics of that particular Mass. Usually they will shadow a sacristan for 3-4 weeks or until they are comfortable with the duties that will need to be performed. Available to serve at Holy days and to substitute for a sacristan who is ill or out of town.  Sacristans need to be communion ministers.

What We Do:
Sacristans prepare the church for liturgy and perform the necessary duties thereof whether it is for a Mass.  This requires coming early and staying late. They are available to help the priest and deacon as needed.

Helpful Attributes:
Individuals should be detail-oriented, gregarious, able to adjust to last minute changes, helpful and knowledgeable about Liturgy and the church facility.

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*Archdiocesan Eligibility Requirements Apply