About Mrs. Forth

Mrs. Alicia Forth joined the St. Elizabeth's staff in 2017.  She taught previously in the Archdiocese and currently teaches middle school math and theology.  Mrs. Forth earned her BS degree from Oklahoma State University and did post-graduate work at the University of Texas at Arlington.  She and her husband have five children and are members of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church where she serves with the youth ministry, a FOCCUS minister and is a facilitator for the women's bible study.  Her hobbies include reading, hiking, traveling, crafting, kayaking, watching her children's sports and spending time with family and friends.  

6th Grade Math Matters

Unit 1 is Ratios and Proportional Relationships. This includes Chapter 1: Ratios and Rates and Chapter 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.

At the end of Unit 1, students will be able to answer "How can you use mathematics to describe change and real-world situations?"

Unit Project:  People Everywhere You can use the U.S. Census to compare different characteristics of states'populations, such as the average number of people per square mile, the percent of youth compared to the percent of adults, and the ratios of women to men. 

Choose two populations at your school, such as boys and girls, or sixth graders and seventh graders. Then choose a characteristic, such as sports played or number of siblings. Compare the characteristics of the two populations. Report your findings in a double bar graph. Due Friday, September 28.

7th Grade Theology

Unit 1 is the Good News of Jesus. Included is an Introduction to Sacred Scripture, Proclaim Boldly, the Gospel of Mark, The Gospel of Matthew, Luke and Acts and the Gospel of John.

The students did a beautiful job with their Gallery Walk Through the Mass. The wonderful illustrations are on display in the hall for all to see and learn more about the parts of the mass.

8th Grade Theology

We begin Church History with the Marks of the Church: Apostolic: Founded on the Apostles; Holy: Jesus Christ in the Sacraments; Catholic: Open and Respectful of All; One: Praying for Unity

The students did an amazing job making the video, A Walk Through the Mass. On Thursday, they had the opportunity to share their video with the lower grades. It will be posted soon.