Cafeteria Information

New this year:

All accounting for the school cafeteria is done using RenWeb/FACTS. 

Through the FACTS tuition account in ParentsWeb, in the "Prepay Accounts" area, use the "Add Funds" button. This is where funds are paid to family accounts to be used for children's lunches.  The prepay amount will be charged using the payment method that is already associated with the FACTS account.

A Low Balance email is sent daily for any account falling below $20.  

Parents are able to view all transactions in family lunch accounts, with each child's purchases listed separately, including the "extras" that are available for purchase by students in 3rd-8th grade.  Charges are based on the lunch order that is submitted by the classroom teacher each morning and the extras are added as they go through the lunch line.  

The lunch menu is also available now on ParentsWeb under the "Students" tab.  Students in PreK-2nd grades can choose from the first two entrées listed, while students in 3rd-8th grades can choose from any of the four entrees. 



Lunch Prices/Nutritional Information

Deli Box Lunch (available in all grades) - $3.25

A basic deli sandwich that varies by day (Turkey & Cheese or Ham & Cheese).  The deli meal includes either chips or a healthy side and a drink.

Hot Tray (available in all grades) - $3.50

Tray includes an entree, sides and a drink.  At times, meals may also include bread, soup, dessert or other items.  Portion sizes are based on average student consumption and dietary guidelines. 

A la Carte (available to students in 3rd grade on up) - $3.75

An alternate entree option plus a healthy side and a drink.  Favorites tend to be wraps, burritos, melts, burgers, baked potatoes, etc...  These items change daily, but are typically consistent from week to week and may vary based on student feedback.

Salads (available to students in 3rd grade on up) - $3.75

Like the a la carte, the salads vary by days but are typically consistent from week to week.  Salads may include items such as Chicken Caesar Salad, Asian Salad, Chef Salad, and more.  Dressing and drink are included.

Extras (available to students in 3rd grade on up) - vary in price from $1.00 to $2.00

Students will be allowed to purchase miscellaneous items (health bars, yogurt, seasonal fruit, parfaits, chips, veggies, desserts, premium drinks) in addition to their regular meal or to supplement the meal they brought from home.

Second Servings:

Complimentary seconds on vegetable servings are offered to students when available.  Students will be allowed to purchase an additional serving of an entree for $1.50 or a serving of bread/starch for $1.00.  


Milk and bottled water are available for purchase for $0.50.


Nutritional information available via mobile app:

Search/download “Nutrislice” and enter Benchmark as your district. Select your school and you are up and running!