Cardinal University Session II

After school enrichment classes for St. Elizabeth's

students meeting every Wednesday

for six weeks per session



November 8th - December 20th

Every Wednesday 3:35-4:35



Pre-K - 3rd

Tuition: $80

Instructor: Ms. Kate Morgan

Do you enjoy playing games? In this class we

will learn new games to play inside on a rainy

day, outside with friends in your neighborhood,

and at the park with your siblings. Come

prepared to learn new games to teach your

families, friends, and neighbors, We will play

charades, Heads Up, hop scotch, capture the

flag, sardines, Red Rover, musical chairs, relay

races, and we will even have a scavenger hunt.

Come Join the Fun!

Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 20



1st - 2nd grade

Tuition: $75

I nstructor: Monica Ramirez

Dance-Dance-Dance! Come join in the fun with

dance friendly exercise routines based on

original Zumba choreography. We will break

down the steps, add games, activities, and


Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 12



Grades K-2nd - just for girls!

Cost $85

Instructor: Mrs. Scoggins

An exciting and fun glamour idea for little girls

that focuses upon beauty on the inside as well

as beauty on the outside. Tea parties,

manicures, manners, and dress up, as well as

community service !! Students will have the

opportunity to make crafts, and decorations that

will provide joy to the people living at St. Annes

Nursing Home during the holiday season.

Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20





Instructor: Kendra Maddux

Students learn all about energy and motion.

They differentiate between potential( stored)

energy and kinetic energy (motion). They learn

about attractive and repulsive magnetic forces,

discover what are magnetic poles, and that there

are invisible fields around magnets. This

program is sure to get young meteorologists

fascinated about the elements that make

weather. The water cycle comes alive with a

simple demonstration along with how rain is

formed in the clouds. Children learn all about

measurement during this hands-on program that

will explore mass and length. They use balances

to measure the mass of different objects and

even use giant feet to help them measure the

length of objects.

Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 15




2nd - 3rd grade

Tuition: $85

Instructor: Mrs. Garrett

What is better than mixing a little STEAM

challenge with Christmas around the world? This

class will engage our students in the traditions of

others around the world with six different

countries. Globetrotters will reinforce geography,

reading, and problem-solving skills while

integrating science, technology, engineering,

and mathematics into their worldwide adventure.

If you are new to the idea of STEAM the

acronym stands for Science, Technology,

Engineering, Art, and Math, and started as

simply STEM , without the A for Art.

Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 15



3rd - 5th grade

Tuition: $96

Instructor: Brianna Smith and Morgan Davis

Students continue to explore the details of

programming different sensors that explore the

exciting world of robotics! Children work with

ultrasonic, touch, color and motion sensors which

collect information around them. They learn

programming details on movement such as

pivoting, calibrating the light sensor so it follows

lines, and how to make the touch sensor work an

ultrasonic sensor to detect distance. They also

learn how gears work, and how they can be useful

in building robots and other devices. They are

given challenges with specific tasks for their robots

to do.

Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20



4th-5th grade

Tuition: $75

I nstructor: Mrs. Sciortino

Printmaking is a term for various exciting

techniques in which art is created on paper

without pencil or paintbrush. Students will be

able to take home multiple colorful projects.

Methods to be explored: collagraphs, monotype,

etching, and more. Some projects will need to

dry over night and will go home the following

week. Lots of fun, colorful, and creative

processes to explore.

Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 10




5th-8th grade

Tuition: $85

I nstructors: Susan Raymer & Stephanie


Get your creative child on the road to sewing

success with Cardinal University after school

sewing series. Weekly sessions provide

students with the ultimate opportunity to learn

essential sewing techniques or build on existing

sewing skills in successive classes.

Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 9



4th-8th grade

Tuition: $95

Instructor: Jake Williams

Beginner and experienced chess players

welcome! Bring your chess game up to a new

level with our fun and educational chess club.

Instruction provided by experienced chess

professionals. All equipment is provided.

Numerous studies have proven that kids obtain

a higher reading level, math level and a greater

learning ability overall as a result of playing

chess. Chess playing kids do better at school

and therefore have a better chance to succeed.

Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 16


Classes are held every Wednesday from 3:35-4:35pm. Carpool pickup will be on

the Blvd (East side) of school. If you are unable to pick up your child by 4:45, they

will escorted to CDC.


Register and pay through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeths

website. Registration deadline for Session II is Wednesday, November 1st.


Click HERE to enroll!  Deadline to register is Wednesday, November 1st.