Cardinal University Session I

After school enrichment classes for St. Elizabeth's students meeting

every Wednesday for six weeks per session



September 6 - October 11th

Every Wednesday 3:35-4:35


Click HERE to enroll!  Deadline is Friday, August 25.  



Pre-K - 3rd

Tuition: $75

Instructor:  Jensen Holmes

Tippi Toes Dance Company brings a unique program of dance and creative movement into schools. We cheerfully provide children with a fun, positive and nurturing environment so they are able to experience the joys of dance.  Classes are specifically designed to develop motor skills and body awareness while enhancing each child’s self-esteem. Our mission is to help children develop a love of dance by creating a positive experience that promotes healthy living habits, helps build self-confidence and love for others.

Class minimum: 5   Class maximum: 20


1st - 2nd grade

Tuition: $80

Instructor:  Mrs. Bobier/Mrs. Ross-Mears

Fun and educational skills rolled up into one great class!  Students will have the opportunity to develop STEM skills while socially engaging with their peers with teacher guided activities.

Class minimum: 6  Class maximum: 14


1st- 2nd grade

Tuition: $96

Instructor: Tonette Brock

Children will take a trip through the solar system while becoming Mad Science Astronauts in training. In an “explosive” session, students are introduced to simple chemistry fun. They will observe protein molecules in action as they turn into explosive colors and learn how stuff (matter) changes from solid, liquid to gas. They’ll be fascinated by light and learn how shadow and rainbow colors are made using a rainbow catcher, and so much more.

Class minimum:10  Class maximum: 15


2nd - 3rd grade

Tuition:  $80

Instructor:  Mrs. Garrett

Students will explore different countries and discuss new cultures through art, books, challenges, souvenirs, activity pages and more.  Globetrotters will reinforce geography, reading and problem-solving skills while integrating STEM in their world wide  adventure.

Class minimum: 6   Class maximum: 15



3rd - 5th grade

Tuition:  $75

Instructor:  Monica Ramirez

Let’s get moving with Kid’s Fit!  Students will learn about their physical fitness with circuits, dancing, games, and more  that will help develop their knowledge of lifelong health.

Class minimum: 6   Class maximum: 12


3rd - 5th grade

Tuition: $96

Instructor: Bria Smith

Children explore the exciting world of robotics!  Two students will work together as a team to build a programmable robot using the Lego Mindstorms platform.  They learn the parts of a robot and how they function.  They work with ultrasonic touch, color and motion sensors which collect information around them.  The program interprets this information and makes the robot respond to its environment.  Students make the robots move, identify colors, follow a line and avoid objects in the area.   These future roboticists will learn teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and develop the value of self-motivation and resourcefulness.

Class minimum: 10   Class maximum:  20


4th - 5th grade

Tuition:  $75

Instructor:  Dondra Floresca

A fun, hands-on enrichment program where students will learn about the process of volunteering and resources within the community.  Encourage students to see how fun and fulfilling volunteering can be while exposing them to service and the importance of helping others.

Class minimum: 5   Class maximum: 15



6th - 8th grade

Tuition:  $75

Instructor:  Jill Bowler, Jan Cooley, Christi Sherrell

Let’s play Pickleball!  Students have already been introduced to Pickleball in their physical education class from St. Elizabeth’s. But this class will develop their love of the game with increased knowledge of rules and how to play the game.

This class will be run by members of the OKC Pickleball club.

Class minimum: 8   Class maximum: 12



6 - 8th grade

Tuition:  $85

Instructor:  Jack Hayes

Explore a centuries old technique of paper marbling.  These papers were used for bookbinding, endpapers and art books.  We will be creating papers for use in journal covers, greeting cards, photo frames, or framed art. So come have fun!

Class minimum:  8   Class maximum:  10


Classes are held every Wednesday from 3:35-4:35.  Carpool pickup will be on the Blvd (East side) of school.  If you are unable to pick up your child by 4:45, they will escorted to CDC.