Cardinal University Session III

After school enrichment classes for St. Elizabeth's

students meeting every Wednesday

for six weeks per session



January 17th - February 21st

Every Wednesday 3:35-4:35


Pre K-1st grades
Tuition: $90
Instructor: Claire Gallagher with assistance by Mrs. Gallagher. Claire is a sophomore at OSU with 15 years of competitive dance experience and 3 years experience working with young children.
Does your little princess love to dance? Join us for Pretty Princess ballet! Girls in PK-1 st will be introduced to ballet technique, music and movement in a creative, fun way. Your pretty princess will learn a choreographed dance, enjoy movement games and
crafts and will be featured in a recital for parents on the final day of class.
Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20

1st-2nd grades
Tuition: $96
Instructor: Kendra Maddux
Students discover that our bodies are amazing machines that have different parts and functions. They meet Mr. Bones and learn about the skeletal system. They learn that our hearts pump blood through the body bringing food and oxygen all over. They discover many amazing things about the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing that make
major differences in the enjoyment of everyday living. They also learn how healthy food choices make our bodies strong.
Class minimum: 10 Class Maximum: 20

1st - 4th grades
Tuition: $100
Instructor : Kate Morgan
In this class, we will learn how to cook for our family.
We will use reading, math, and writing skills to follow recipes, learn to measure with fractions, and write opinions about our dishes. Come prepared to make an apron, a recipe book, cook, and EAT!
Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 20

1st-4th grades
Tuition: $85
Instructor: Ashley Garrett
Have you ever wondered what games kids are playing all around the world? These games can be very different depending on a child's location and culture. But, all games have one things in common, FUN!!! Come join in on this great opportunity to learn more about these games, cultures, and countries with Mrs. Garrett. Which will be your new favorite game to
share with your friends and family?
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 20

3rd - 5th grades
Tuition: $96
Instructor: Morgan Davis
Children learn that chemistry is all around us.
Through engaging interactive activities, they explore atoms and molecules, learn the differences between a physical and a chemical reaction and identify these reactions in daily life whether we make dinner, we take a shower and more. They learn what acids and
bases are and use everyday items at home to experiment with them. They have fun with polymers as they make slime and understand how it works. At the end of the 6 week session, students become junior chemists as they practice using different lab wares commonly used by chemists.
Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20

4-8TH grade
Tuition: $95
Instructor: Jake Williams
Beginner and experienced chess players welcome!
Bring your chess game up to a new level with our fun and educational chess club. Instruction provided by experienced chess professionals. All equipment is provided. Numerous studies have proven that kids obtain a higher reading level, math level, and a
greater learning ability overall as a result of playing chess. Chess playing kids do better at school and therefore have a better chance to succeed.
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 20

5TH-8TH grade
tuition: $85
Instructors; Mrs. Visina & Mrs. Raymer
This class is an introduction to more advanced sewing skills and a more involved project. The students will build off the skills learned in the beginner class. We will spend 6 weeks working on our project. Must have taken previous Cardinal University sewing class or
have basic sewing skills.
Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 8

5th-8th grade
Tuition: $105
Instructor: Jennifer Linhardt
This class will provide youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care to children and infants. It will help children behave, learn basic child care, and basic first aid. Students will be certified in babysitting training from the American Red Cross. To be certified, all participants need to attend all
sessions, participate in all skill sessions and activities, and demonstrate competency in all observable skills.
Instructor is an authorized Red Cross Babysitting Training Instructor. Students will also receive a babysitter’s training participant set ($15 value) from the American Red Cross. This includes an assortment of materials to better assist babysitters on the job.
Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 12


Classes are held every Wednesday from 3:35-4:35pm. Carpool pickup will be on

the Blvd (East side) of school. If you are unable to pick up your child by 4:45, they

will escorted to CDC.


Register and pay through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeths

website. Registration deadline for Session II is Wednesday, November 1st.


Click HERE to enroll!  Deadline to register is January 16, 2018!


Here are a few testimonials from our students who have taken other Cardinal U classes this year:


I like that we can go to different countries and see the things they do. -Ryan

I loved visiting Japan! –Claire

The crafts and challenges are so fun! – Tessa

Chess Club: 

The coaches made it easy and fun! – Jake

We can’t wait to compete with the other chess clubs in the area!- Cohen

Sewing Club:

I loved how if you needed help, they don’t just fix it, they explain it to you! -Lauren

I loved learning the magic of the burrito style pillow case! – Destiny