Cardinal University Summer Academy


June 25th-28th
Monday through Thursday
Morning Session 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Afternoon Session 12:30 - 3:30

Students registering for both morning and afternoon sessions will bring their lunches and eat with us.
Registration deadline for Summer Academy is Friday, June 15th

(Grades listed are for incoming grade-level students in the Fall.)

PreK4 - 1st - Morning Session
Tuition: $200
Instructor: Mrs. Lindsay Moore
Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure! Come float
down “STREAM” with us as we dive into the life of
marine animals . We will incorporate science,
technology, religion, engineering, arts and math.
There will be many great activities which will include
creating an ocean in a bottle, keeping a sea creature
investigation log and terrific art projects.Spend a
week at sea with me.
Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20

PreK4-1st - Afternoon Session
Cost $185
Instructor: Kendra Maddux
Young campers discover the natural world of bugs,
plants and humans! They learn the life cycle of a
seed on to a fully grown plant.They investigate how
the sun, the wind and the rain affect life - including not
just plants but even creepy crawlies and bugs. They
become weather artists using rain and wind as their
tools! They explore the life of a caterpillar and
discover how it turns into a beautiful butterfly.They
make their own bug bracelets. They discover the
difference between fruits and vegetables from their
own placemats. Students will then make a mural of a
garden with their fellow campers. This camp
introduces the children to the beauty and awe of the
world they live in!
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 20

PreK4 - 2nd grade - Morning Session
Tuition: $185
Instructor: Bobby Howard
Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer
program with a focus on character development. Our
caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and
off the field through best-in-class coaching, curriculum
and communication. Soccer Shots Summer Camp
provides children with an opportunity to develop their
soccer skills, their character, and their creativity.
Centered around this year’s World Cup, children are
provided with fun activities that include soccer based
games as well as a variety of other age-appropriate
crafts, team building exercises, snack time, or even
Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 12

K-2nd grade - Afternoon Session
Tuition: $200
Instructor: Mrs. Kailee Zehrung
We will perform, design and make puppetry magic!
We will be using our creativity and the wide selection
of materials to design multiple puppets turning them
into special unique characters. We will perform
skits/productions, with our various puppets for our
classmates and even work on designing props and
sets. We will Focus on collaboration skills and
encouragement strategies. It is amazing what kids
come up with for their puppets when you unleash their
Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 14

1st - 4th grade - Morning Session
Tuition: $180
Instructor: Mrs. Kate Morgan
This class is devoted to a LOVE for Reading! We will
listen to stories, make up stories, read stories, and
even do STEAM activities with our stories. Your child
will learn about some of my favorite authors (fiction
and non-fiction). We will share our schema, make
predictions, discuss themes, and more. We will read
in book clubs at each of our own different reading
levels.Be ready to share some of your favorite books
and authors with me too! By the end of this class, I
hope to have your child with a good book in his/her
hands at all times. Happy Reading!
Class minimum: 10 Class maximum: 20

1st-4th grade - Afternoon Session
Tuition: $200
Instructor: Mrs. Ashley Garrett
Perform in a readers theatre, design a miniature
canoe, do bubble experiments, learn about
quickstand, play classic camp games, enjoy camp
snacks, and so on… there are so many activities we
will doing all while learning in a fun atmosphere! Join
Mrs. Garrett at Camp Learn-A-Lot! We will be
focusing on S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology,
engineering, arts, and math), as well, as writing in our
activities. While focusing on math and science
students get to experience so many different
opportunities like hands-on experiments, making
crafts, and having a fun time while doing indoor and
outdoor camping activities. Each day we will do
engaging activities that involve a dynamic approach
in which students acquire a deeper knowledge
through active exploration of real-world challenges
and problems.Students will learn by working for an
extended period of time to investigate and respond
to a complex question, challenge, or problem.
Class minimum: 6 Class maximum: 20

2nd - 6th grade - Morning Session
Tuition: $200
Instructor: Mrs. Sykes
This course seeks to enhance and unleash each
student’s creativity by providing them with the
foundational art skills necessary to express their
ideas. Students will learn the basics of watercolor,
ceramics, 3D art, illustration and more. They will also
develop skills relating to space structure, texture and
composition. While learning physical and technical
skills, students will also receive interactive lectures on
modern and traditional art history, including
examinations of artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Beatrix
Potter, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo , and Pablo
Picasso, They will have access to premium supplies
in order to ensure the creation of timeless keepsakes.
To show appreciation for the students’ hard work, we
will host an exhibition where students can display
their creations for their family and friends on the last
day of Cardinal University.
Class minimum:10 Class minimum:15

2nd-5th grade - Afternoon Session
Tuition: $185
Instructor: Barrett Huddleston
Children overcome a series of challenges using basic
materials, simple machines, tips from famous
inventors and the most important of all - their minds.
They create Rube Goldberg ‘machines’ to test their
problem skills. With some ingenuity, they create
catapults and forts, construct working light sticks to
take home and assemble a set of circuits with
batteries and light bulbs. They review technological
advances in flight and work together to produce
improved airplane designs. These future inventors get
a lesson on lasers, build a light stick and work on
protecting a spaceship from damaging space rays.
They then step into space by launching air powered
rockets and loading a payload capsule puzzle. The
children prepare a patent proposal and receive a
patent certificate at the end of the camp. While
Thomas Edison said “Invention is 10% inspiration and
90% perspiration,” this camp is 100% FUN!
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 20

4th-8th grade - Morning Session
Tuition: $150
Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Lindhart
Pickleball is a paddle sport (similar to a racquet sport)
that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and
table tennis. Two or four players use solids paddles to
hit a wiffle ball over a net. Pickleball was invented in
the 1960’s and has become one of America’s most
popular and fast growing sports among all ages.
Students will learn basic skills of hitting that can
cross over to any net sport. They will learn scoring
and strategy of the game. Students can extend their
playing with the OKC Pickleball club of OKC who play
all over the metro any day of the week for all ages.
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 16

4th-8th grade - Afternoon Session
Tuition: $150
Instructor: Jake Williams
Learn the game of Kings and Queens! Instructors
provide daily lessons, puzzles and examples from
history’s best chess games to help guide students
through each lesson. Students will be paired together
for casual games based on their skill level. Advanced
players will have a curriculum tailored to their
previous understanding of the game. Instruction offers
a solid foundation, emphasizing the fundamental skills
needed to begin a lifetime of learning in chess,
including: proper piece and board set-up, algebraic
notation (chess language), basic fundamentals of
play, tactics and strategies, middlegame planning,
endgame technique, pattern recognition, alternative
team chess variants like “Bug House.” With enough
entrants, a prize will be awarded to the class
“tournament champion” on the final day!
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 20

5th-8th grade Morning and Afternoon
Tuition: $200
Instructor: Tim Fernandez
Golf Basics 101: Learn the basics of the game of golf.
We will focus on grip, stance, posture, rules of the
game, and much more. We will learn the basics of
Driving, Chipping, Putting, and Iron play. Sets are
provided, but you may bring your own set. Tim
Fernandez was a college golfer and is now our youth
director at St. John’s. We are so excited to have him
join our program! The final day will be spent playing
actual holes at Kickingbird golfcourse.
Class minimum: 5 Class maximum: 25

Please drop your child off in the gym at 9:00am for morning sessions and 12:30pm for afternoon promptly each day. The instructors will be waiting in the gym. Carpool pick-up will be on the Boulevard (East) side of the school. Teachers will deliver your child to your car at 12:00pm and 3:30pm. Please be on time for pick-up. Register and pay through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeth’s website. Registration deadline for our Summer Academy is Friday, June 15th.