Cardinal University Session II


November 7 - December 19

Every Wednesday 3:35-4:35 pm




PreK4-1st grade

Tuition: $95

Instructor: Daryn Hance

Tippi Toes Dance offers kid-friendly dance classes that focus on the basics of dance technique, boosting self-confidence, building body awareness and having a lot of fun! Our Ballet, Jazz & Tap class offered at SEAS is for boys and girls grades preK – 1st. Students will learn dance terminology and choreography in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Tippi Toes has produced four of our own albums of music that we  use in class on a weekly basis. Songs are instructional, engaging and imaginative! Tippi Toes dancers will have a mini, in-class performance the last day of class to show parents all that they have learned.

Class Minimum 5  Class Maximum 15


PreK4 - 2nd grade

Tuition: $96

Instructor: Bobby Howard

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, curriculum and communication. Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with early childhood education standards and our staff is always available for your questions. Our curriculum utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting while introducing 1v1 soccer moves. We also highlight a positive character trait each session, such as respect, teamwork and appreciation. Come join us this season for indoor or outdoor soccer fun.

Class minimum: 5  Class maximum: 12



K-2nd grade

Tuition: $100

Instructor: Ashley Mears

Does your child love reading classic fairy tales? Would they like to build Goldilocks a new bed or build Robin Hood his bow and arrow? We will creatively use pipe cleaners, cotton balls, pennies, and cardboard to create these projects. Come join in the fun as we read classic fairy tales and put our imagination and engineering skills to the test!

Class minimum 3  Class maximum 8



K-5th grade

Tuition: $100

Instructor: Kate Morgan

Come learn some new recipes to cook for your family’s dinner and even a snack for your friends.  We’ll be measuring with fractions, writing about our ingredients, using adjectives, and taste testing all of our new concoctions. Come prepared to cook, have fun, and eat! If you’ve taken Let’s Get Cooking! before, bring your apron and be ready for a whole new recipe book! Now, Let’s Get Cooking!

Class Minimum 5  Class Maximum 20


K-2nd grade

Tuition: $90

Instructor: Lindsay Moore

Come join me as we travel near and far to see a glimpse of Holidays Around the World. We will travel to  6 different countries to see how each one celebrates the Christmas season! We will grab our passports and go to America, Mexico, Germany, France, Israel and Sweden! Our adventures will include; literacy, social studies, art, writing, reading and even a little math! Come see how the rest of the world celebrates the Joyous Christmas season!

Class minimum: 10   Class maximum : 15



1st-5th grade

Tuition: $90

Instructor: Ashley Garrett

Camping continues! Even if you joined me for session 1, I would love to have you again. We will still be at Camp Learn-A-Lot, but we will be gearing up for the holidays!  Turn your canoes into Mayflowers, build a hideout for a turkey, and build a totem pole. After Thanksgiving, we aren’t done yet! We will continue with challenging STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities, Christmas style. Find out how to do Christmas coding, make  erupting snow, play Rudolph races and much more! Does your Thanksgiving table have what it takes to hold a feast? Can you melt Santa’s Frozen Hands? Find out when you join me in Camp Learn-A-Lot, HOLIDAY STYLE!

Class Minimum 6  Class Maximum 20



2nd-5th grade

Tuition: $96

Instructor: Dr. Shannon Wildman

Junior chemists shake up a flask of fun in these 6 weeks of Crazy Chemistry classes. Students learn about physical and chemical reactions as they pour and mix solids into liquids like scientists! Check out the colors of chemistry with pH paper and create a stopper-popping reaction! Learn about oxidation where the role of salt as a catalyst is observed, followed by a balloon-expanding experiment to test limiting reagents (factors). Don’t forget diving into ooey gooey slime making even as students learn about polymers and polymerization. These are only some of the amazing chemical reactions these budding chemists discover in these after school classes.  Come and join with other young chemists.

Class minimum: 8  Class maximum: 20



4th-6th grade

Tuition: $100

Instructor: Ms. Hoffmann

Explore the history behind stained glass and create 2 personal stained glass pieces to take home. Students will receive two glass frames as well as many design templates to inspire their creativity. Students will learn the step by step process in creating the stained glass from sketching and planning, to outlining, to filling in their pieces with beautiful colors. All of the materials are provided, so all you need to do is join Ms. Hoffmann and you will walk away with two beautiful pieces that can adorn your home for years to come!

Class minimum: 5  Class maximum: 20



3rd-6th grade


Instructor: Mrs. Cindy Hart

Explore your creativity by making fun craft projects!  Students will learn basic scrapbooking and card making skills.  We'll make one-of-a-kind keepsakes, homemade knickknacks, and handcrafted creations.  These items are ideal for gift giving or as personal mementos. Projects include: jean journals, flower/pom-pom pens, washi tape designs (binder clips, pencils, clothespins, etc.), holiday cards/tags, tic-tac-toe rock activity/gift, no-sew fabric crafts, and more.  Students will also receive a beginner craft kit that contains a decorative paper edge scissor, mini assorted color craft paper, glue dots, washi tape, stickers, a gel pen, a scrapbook paper punch, and other supplies. Come join the fun and "Let's Get Crafty!"

Class minimum: 5  Class maximum: 20

Carpool pick-up will be on the Boulevard  (East) side of the school. Teachers will deliver your child to your car at 4:35pm. Please be on time for pick-up. If your child is not picked up by 4:45, he/she will be taken to Cardinal’s Club. You may pick your child up there. Register and pay through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Website.