Cardinal University Session III


January 23 - February 27

Every Wednesday 3:35-4:35 pm



PreK-1st grade
Tuition: $95
Instructor:Daryn Hance and Rachel Runnels

Tippi Toes Dance® offers kid-friendly dance classes that focus on the basics of dance technique, boosting self-confidence, building body awareness and having a lot of fun! Our Ballet, Jazz & Tap class offered at SEAS is for boys and girls grades preK – 1st. Students will learn dance terminology and choreography in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Tippi Toes® has produced four of our own albums of music that is used in class on a weekly basis. Songs are instructional, engaging and imaginative! Tippi Toes® dancers will have a mini in-class show the last day of class to show parents all that they have learned!
Class minimum: 5 Class Maximum: 15


1st - 6th grade
Tuition: $100
Instructor: Mrs. Kate Morgan

Join me for an exciting adventure around the world.  How high is the highest mountain? Why were the pyramids built?  Do cars really drive through the giant redwood trees? Learn all the states and their capitals.  We will be using pin maps and relief maps as we learn about the continents and states. You will get to manipulate rivers and mountains on the relief maps, and you can move pins with the states and capitals on the pin maps.  Get ready for an exciting trivia game to conclude our class. Join me and become a Geography Champ!
Class minimum: 5    Class maximum: 20

PreK-5th grade
Tuition: $95
Instructor:  Mrs. Ashley Garrett

Join Mrs. Garrett as we have fun combining books with cooking. We will create scrumptious snacks inspired by our favorite children’s books. Each week the chefs will  practice math skills such as measuring, counting, patterning, identifying shapes, and making fractions by looking at easy to follow recipes. Each “tasty” theme uses a popular  children's book and activity to go along with the book. What better way to enjoy your book than by reading it and eating a delicious creation that goes with it!
Class minimum: 6   Class maximum: 20


PreK4 - 2nd grade
Tuition: $96
Instructor: Bobby Howard

Did you know Soccer Shots curriculum is designed by child development experts to teach and help children improve continuously as they grow and mature? Through proven child development techniques such as “scaffolding” and “differentials” children learn soccer skills in a fun environment. Our four sessions allow each child to learn new soccer skills and fundamentals at his or her own pace while improving skills learned from prior sessions. Each session includes new soccer skills, tactics, themes and fun games to keep children engaged and learning in a fun way. We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, confidence and determination.
Class minimum: 5  Class maximum: 12

nd-5th grade
Instructor: Mrs. Hoffmann

Join Ms. Hoffmann and learn how to make multiple clay pieces using techniques such as rolling slabs, making coils, creating pinch pots, and putting it all together with slip and score techniques! Students will go home with a variety of clay projects ranging from decorative containers, clay monsters, animal cups, and much more! All materials will be provided.
Class minimum: 5   Class maximum: 15


4th-8th grade
Tuition: $100
Instructor: Jake Williams

Channel your inner Hollywood Director and learn the steps to creating a short film! Students will help write, plan, shoot, act, and edit a short film. Topics covered will include writing and editing simple screen plays, storyboard process of planning, basics of photography, editing film/sound on computers and basic acting. They will receive a flash drive that contains a copy of the final project. 
Class minimum: 8 Class maximum: 16

2nd-5th grade
Tuition: $96
Instructor: Shannon Wildman

This 6 week  program is packed with learning and fun. Science of Magic introduces students to a wide variety of scientific topics, challenging them to think logically and scientifically. Students are introduced to the science behind some of the most popular toys through toy-themed centers. Movie Effects involves the students with the spectacular special effects that are behind motion picture such as the optics of 3D technology and  Foley sound effects. They discover the science of optics as they manipulate flexible mirrors and explore the world with inverted vision and make a classic mirror illusion. Radical Robots reinforces the concept that science and technology go hand in hand. Children discover the techniques used to investigate and analyze crime scene evidence.
Class minimum: 8   Class maximum: 20


4th - 8th grade
Tuition: $80
Instructor: Mrs. Ashley Ross-Mears

Tired of fighting about homework? Constantly misplacing important school work? Not sure how to study? Then this class is for you. Come and learn organizational skills, your learning style, note-taking skills skills and test preparation that works best for YOU! Start the second semester on top and leave behind your frustrations and that feeling of being unorganized. Be The Best Student You Can Be!
Class minimum: 5    Class maximum:15


3rd-8th grade
Tuition: $95
Instructor: Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Gorman

Create beautiful string arts creations. .No sewing skills needed, just a desire to create. Match  coordinates on a grid and watch your work of art appear before your eyes. Students will take home a completed project each week. Let the stringing begin! 
Class minimum: 8  class maximum: 25


5th-8th grade
Tuition: $95
Instructor: Mrs. Susan Raymer

Do you know someone that has some extra ties that they don’t wear? Let’s upcycle them into cute zippered pouches! We will create a fun silk zippered pouch in this sewing class, learning new techniques as we go along.  Must know basic sewing skills and already know how to use a sewing machine.
Class minimum: 3  Class maximum: 6

Carpool pick-up will be on the Boulevard  (East) side of the school. Teachers will deliver your child to your car at 4:35pm. Please be on time for pick-up. If your child is not picked up by 4:45, he/she will be taken to Cardinal’s Club. You may pick your child up there. Register and pay through the Cardinal University tab on our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Website.